James Crossley Gong Practitioner Teacher Training


Gong Practitioner Teacher Training

Become a certified and fully insured Gong Practitioner certified by the CMA.

This course consists of three in-person training sessions held over three months. You will receive all the necessary training to be able to confidently hold space for both group and one-to-one Sound Healing sessions.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently play an array of Sound Healing instruments including the Gong
  • Choose the perfect Gong for your practice
  • Set up a safe and relaxing space for your sessions
  • Plan your Sound Healing experience
  • Deliver sessions in your own style and ethos
  • Run both group and one to one Sound Healing sessions
  • Be aware of the Healing benefits and contraindications
  • Learn how to administer Sound Healing aftercare and advice
  • Begin running your small business
  • Understand Insurance, self-promotion and class pricing
  • Feel experienced and knowledgeable enough to confidently run your own Gong Baths

The components needed in order to certify:

  • Full attendance of the course
  • Read the book list
  • 12 individual Gong Bath case studies
  • Successful completion of the course assessments¬†
  • Run a live group Gong Bath
  • Pass a short-written exam

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